Thursday, 17 November 2011

shadow place starts again.

I am excited I have a new idea to work in  a multi media way, mixing movement, text and light, shadows,
projections whatever, it is a natural extension and development of my
paintings. I worked with a friend recently who is a dance teacher at a college in
Hayward's Heath and I created the set and costumes for a piece for her
students and used slides and projections to light it.
I like the idea of a dark space lit only by lamps and projections. I
like movable shows in tiny spaces deserted warehouses and in gardens
and woods.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Friday at Blackthorp barns

went well... here are some pics

Friday, 7 May 2010

Suffolk Open Studios- Annual Showcase Exhibition, 14th May 6-8pm at Blackthorp Barn, Roughham near Bury st Edmunds

Ooohhhh!! we are doing our experimental piece next Friday at the Suffolk Open Studios Annual Showcase Exhibition, 14th May 6-8pm, at Blackthorp Barn, Roughham near Bury st Edmunds (A14 Junction 45)
Its supposed to go from dusk to dark... but it might not be very dark,- still..
its in a huge meadow.- The week after we will be performing it again in a very tiny space. What fun eh!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Alice represents the romance of the innocent child, the screen for Carroll’s fantasy projections, a cipher for the thrill of mind altering substances at once weirdly eroticised, intellectualised, sublimated. What if she wants the drugs and adventure, says spare me your fears of death and desire, the limits of your imagination so afraid of the devouring and the control? The big bad world is a dangerous place for girls, lies, all lies and fabrication, the queen of hearts a troll. Seduced by sleep, drugged and hallucinating, Alice falls and falls and follows and falls, eat me, drink me, identity crisis one two three.